The Badimia Bandi Barna Aboriginal Corporation, was registered on the 1 February 2018 under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006.

Currently, the Board consists of seven  Directors, and is supported with decisions on all cultural and heritage matters with the establishment of an Elders Culture and Heritage Sub-Committee. 

Our Aboriginal Corporation


The Elders and Directors

Board of Directors

Cathrine Bynder,  Darryl Fogarty (Elder/Chairperson), Gloria Fogarty (Elder), Ashley Bell, Beverley Slater (Secretary), Olivisa Slater, Lance King

Elders Culture and Heritage Sub-Committee

David Clinch, Darryl Fogarty (Director), Janice Slater, Gloria Fogarty (Director), Cheryl O'Donnell, Allan Legerini, Dallys Fraser

Our Logo

The Corporations logo, was inspired by the stunning honey ant paintings of one of our Badimia artists, Ms Noeleen Brockman.






Bandi Barna means Honey Ant in Badimia, which are a traditional food eaten by Aboriginal people.  Bandi Barna lives down under the ground in the roots of the Mulga trees. 


Key Corporation Objectives