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Is it a wabal (malleefowl)?

Can you see feathers?

Is it a dyiiga (snake)?

Can you see a tail?

Is it a gundawa (echidna)?

Can you see spikes?

Is it just a shadow? No!

Download 28 October 2017 370.JPG

Who is Hiding Here?

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Unscramble The Answer!

a r B n u g r a


Here's a hint

These reptiles live in burrows under the ground and run really, really fast


How many Yalibidi can you count?

None (but i am just tricking)


A zillion :) that's alot!


One with beady eyes!

Mystery Tracks!!

Can you see all the tracks in the sand?

I wonder...was it...

...a kangaroo?


...a motorbike?

...a bicycle?

...a snake?

.. person?

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