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Projects in Focus

The Badimia Bandi Barna Aboriginal Corporation (BBBAC) continues to invest time into developing strong, respectful relationships and key partnerships with valued stakeholders, with the focus on opportunities for all Badimia people.

Working towards strategic outcomes and in alignment with Corporation objectives, key projects centre around caring for barna (country), culture and bringing Badimia people home.

It starts with accessing our barna...

The opportunities that the Corporation and the Badimia people are beginning to realise, had to start somewhere.

With persistence towards establishing an identity that would allow Badimia people to be represented in conversations on, about and for our barna, many pathways were hacked and hewn by Elders and now BBBAC representatives, through the dense landscapes of access to land, and Badimia rights to barna.

During this time, relationships were formed, and have developed - encouraged by BBBAC's commitment to change - into strong partnerships where land access has opened up and real, meaningful change can be delivered for Badimia people from Badimia barna.
These are exciting times! 

Mapping It Out

There are currently four key areas of Badimia barna where works have been ongoing, including activities such as cultural site management, threatened species monitoring, heritage surveying, camps on country and Ranger employment.

These areas will continue to be a strong focus for BBBAC and their partners going forward, in alignment with the BBBAC Strategic Plan and Healthy Country Plan.

Find out more about what is happening at these locations and who BBBAC is working with:

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