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Badimia Barna

Our Way

For thousands of years, the Badimia People have travelled the complex terrain of this country, working with the natural world for food, clothing, shelter and living a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle.

The Bimarra,  the creation serpent, created all the water holes when moving through Badimia country and still lives there today.


The Bimarra is very important to the Badimia culturally, as are the natural landscapes that adorn the Great Northern Highway. Some landscape features are warda (far away) and others gula (close) to the Highway. Each has a significance and a story that the Badimia People are striving to protect, even as industry progresses around them. 

While we share this information about our traditional connection to these landmarks and places, we do not speak for the contemporary landholders of this country. 


Please do not attempt unauthorised access.

On behalf of Badimia Elders and People, the Badimia Bandi Barna Aboriginal Corporation respectfully asks visitors to...

Please Respect Our Country

Please Respect Our Culture

Be Considerate of Our Wildlife

Be Safe


Wydgee in Badimia means nothing or no-one.

Badimia people were born here and there are significant sites around this area.

Wydgee Hills


Pinyaling Hills

Pinyaling Hills is a beautiful range of hills that can be seen from many places around Badimia country.

There are many significant sites for Badimia people that are linked with Pinyaling Hills.

It is believed that the hills are a associated with good spirits.

Jibberding is located on the north eastern side of  Wubin, and holds a long history for the farming community of the district, including an old well and was once the site of a school and cricket pitch!

As this area runs into sheep country, it is said that the word Jibberding, is a manipulation of the Badimia People pronouncing a word new to their vocabulary, 'shepherding', i.e. tending to sheep.


Mapping Great Northern Highway

Badimia Country 


Ninghan Hill

A very significant landmark and area for the Badimia People, Ninghan Hill (also known as Mount Singleton) can be seen from so many locations around Badimia country.

With the sun and seasons shaping the ever changing shadows and colours of Ninghan, the hill never seems to look the same, adding to its mystery and always maintaining its beauty.


Lake Austin represents a north eastern boundary to Badimia country.  

To the south on your drive you might see the site of an old Pub, known as Lake Austin pub in the gold rush days.

Lake Austin


The Granites are located just outside of Mount Magnet, 

This stunning series of breakaways are of spiritual significance for Badimia people.

Nice to visit, but please, no camping!

The Granites


Just visible from the highway, the breakaways on Kirkalocka station are another significant area for the Badimia people.  

It is said that Kirkalocka, took its name from the Badimia word for Major Mitchell Cockatoo, 'Ga-gar-la-gu'.

Kirkalocka Breakaways

Our Natural World

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