Projects in Focus

The Badimia Bandi Barna Aboriginal Corporation continues to invest time into developing strong, respectful relationships and key partnerships with valued stakeholders, with the focus on opportunities for all Badimia people.

Working towards strategic outcomes and in alignment with Corporation objectives, key projects centre around caring for barna (country), culture and bringing Badimia people home.

New Conservation Reserves


In February 2021, the creation of new conservation reserves on Badimia barna was announced by the WA Government.

Read more about this announcement at the following link:

Badimia Elders and Corporation Directors have been working closely with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions towards this milestone event, made possible through the Plan for Our Parks initiative.

Caring for Barna through Cultural Site Management

Charles Darwin Reserve

Out on Charles Darwin Reserve, working alongside Bush Heritage Australia, Badimia Elders are identifying and putting in to action, plans to manage cultural sites.

Recent work included shoveling sand and removing debris from a gabi daah (rock hole).

A gabi daah contains life sustaining gabi (water) which would have supported our Badimia ancestors as they travelled through and camped on Country; as well as keeping the plants and wildlife in the area which were critical food sources healthy, nutritious and in good supply.


Mount Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary


With the support of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, who protect and manage over 100, 000 hectares of amazing Badimia barna, the Corporation has identified cultural sites which will be of interest to travellers visiting the area.

While Badimia people are sharing these special cultural sites and stories, the priority is to maintain respect and strengthen protection for these ancient places and spaces.

Plans are being considered to build viewing platforms for visitors that will support our priority to protect.

Many of the varied activities undertaken to support cultural site management are made possible thanks to funding through the Preserving our Aboriginal Sites grant program, offered by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.